Finely networked


Clearly defined tasks, coordinated and always focused on an efficient and also personally profitable exchange. That is our idea of partnership. In the meantime, a strong, resilient network has grown up around Pilagers Financial Consult.


In fact, the most interesting conversations - especially with entrepreneurs - not infrequently begin with ideas "out of the blue," with snippets of thoughts. For example, with questions like, "Don't you know someone....?" Or, "Do you have an idea….for?"


Yes, we often do. We often have.


Tasks of this kind exceed the usual checklists due to their complexity. With the increasing dynamics of the business, they increase continuously.

Supervise separation process


A separation can call everything into question, be it professional or private. The clarification and impact of the new financial, legal and personal situation requires a systematic cooperation of different special disciplines to achieve an optimal result. For us, this includes the connection to an outplacement consultant, to experienced specialist lawyers and - last but not least - to headhunters. In this way, separation opens up completely new opportunities.


Family Office for the middle class



Based on our philosophy and our strong network, it is consistent to offer the comfort and services of a family office for selected clients. We understand this to mean holistic support from us and our competence partners, which extends beyond pension and financial planning for the family, its generations and the company.