Steps with system

Analysis: Identify your initial situation


Together, we analyze your initial financial situation. The basis for this is our asset and pension check-up. For companies, a company check-up is carried out. In this way, we systematically record all relevant data and determine the status quo.

Opportunities and risks now become transparent.


Goals: Implementing your life plan


Your personal life plan is the guideline for the planning process. What is really important to you? Do you want to build a house, provide for your independent retirement or invest existing assets in a profitable and tax-optimized way? We show you the way. Depending on your risk affinity and time horizon, we define partial goals against which the solutions will later be measured. And we don't forget the opportunities along the way.


Selection: Giving decision support


From the multitude of insurance and capital market products, we make a pre- selection which we present to you for decision. Our selection is carefully weighed, and the selection criteria are transparent at all times. You decide whether you focus on price, scope of benefits or convenience. Based on our recommendations, you make a good choice. This is how you secure your financial future.


Conclusion: Secure preferential conditions


We prepare the contract documents for you and coordinate open points with insurers and financial partners. You benefit from the favorable conditions we have agreed with our partners. This is how you win: with favorable conditions or more advantageous contract terms and extended scope of services.


Evaluation: Adapting to change


The only constant is change. So people change, their circumstances change, and sometimes their goals change, too. That's why financial goals and the strategies to achieve them need to be reviewed regularly and adjusted as needed. This is our service for you. You can also benefit from new concepts, financial innovations and changes in the tax and legal framework, about which we provide you with regular information.