Making complex things manageable

Financial Planning


In most client discussions, it is learned that there is no clear goal/concept about the provision/assets. Fund shares, real estate, life insurance, fixed-term deposits, shares form a portfolio rather by chance than according to plan. Questions about the after- tax return on investments are usually answered with a shrug of the shoulders.


This common finding virtually provokes these questions:


Are you aware of your asset structure
Do you know if your retirement is adequately covered?
And most importantly, do you have an idea if and where "yield killers" are hiding in your portfolio?


Financial Planning goes far beyond the usual financial or investment advice. Not the short-term effect, but a coherent and creative long-term concept for asset accumulation, asset growth and asset protection is the goal of our consulting.



Estate Planning


Estate planning refers to the planned transfer of assets between generations. Successful estate planning ensures that values are passed on to the next generation undiminished and with clear objectives. After all, whether a company can continue to exist and prosper after the inheritance or is headed for bankruptcy due to a lack of liquidity depends to a large extent on decisions made today.


For this purpose, an interface must be created between the asset owner and the heirs on the one hand and potential further advisors of the clients, for example tax advisors or lawyers on the other hand. Pilagers Financial Consult takes on this responsible task.


Company pension plan


Our clients appreciate our comprehensive know-how and many years of experience. The content of our consulting is often both the provision of employees as well as targeted, tax-optimized pension concepts for owners and managing directors of the companies we serve. And this ideally within the framework of particularly favorable collective agreements. With our support, not only employees but also companies and owners benefit to at least the same extent from the establishment of a company pension scheme.